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What Do We Have in Common?

How well do you know your friends? I don't mean the people you've known since childhood or college and with whom you've kept in frequent contact, but all the folks on Facebook® who you have designated as "friends". How many common interests do you have? What about backgrounds? Perhaps you grew up in the same town or attended the same middle school but don't realize it. Not sure whether or how to respond to a friend request from someone you don't know? Or maybe you'd just like to connect with someone having a shared predilection for sea urchin roe ice cream, but don't want to publicly admit to such a depravity.

If any of this sounds appealing, then "What Do We Have in Common?" (WDWHIC) is the Facebook application for you. Here's how it works:

Check out the WDWHIC video and tutorial to see how easy it is to use WDWHIC and get set to open up new dimensions in your relationships with your friends and other Facebook members. Want to get up and running without having to select profile categories? No problem: the first time you use the app, WDWHIC will automatically populate your profile with data from your Facebook account; check out How Facebook profile data gets imported for details.

Note: Before using the WDWHIC application, please review our software license. Your use of WDWHIC signifies your acceptance of the terms of the license.

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