ChiaraMail Apps

Welcome to the ChiaraMail Apps Portal. Select one of the following links to navigate to the corresponding Web site and download the Android or (if available) iOS version of the app.

Krazy Keyboard: Try to type out a five-letter word on a keyboard whose keys have been randomly scrambled. Can you make it to one of the top ten places?

P3nto: Match wits with the app or another player in trying to guess your opponent's secret five-letter word. An exciting test of your logic skills.

WeGrok! Strasbourg (FR): Habitez-vous à Strasbourg, France? Voulez-vous rencontrer des gens qui ont des choses en commun avec vous et qui ne vivent pas trop loin? Venez à WeGrok! Strasbourg!

WeGrok! Strasbourg (EN): Do you live in Strasbourg, France? Want to meet people who have things in common with you and who don't live too far away? Come to WeGrok! Strasbourg!

We have more apps in the pipeline, so be sure to check back frequently!